Hi, I’m Melissa Barker.

I have helped thousands of people just like you learn how to drive demand for their business with social media and become successful social media marketers.

In 2012, I authored the first (and now international, best-selling) college textbook on social media marketing. I also created the first state accredited social media certification in Washington and have been teaching people how to use social media for a decade.

In addition to the academic side, I have worked first-hand with international technology companies, nonprofits and small businesses on social media.

Through ALL of these experiences I discovered that…


Anyone can learn to drive demand with social media, with the right information.

The problem is that there has never been a “one-stop-shop” for how to use social media.

Trust me, I had to learn it the hard way.

I learned everything I know through reading hundreds of trade books, thousands of hours of research, trial and error and years of experience.

Which is precisely why I created the Social Media Master Certification™!

I designed this course to be a start-to-finish blueprint for how to drive demand with social media marketing.

This course contains:

  • EVERY template I charge businesses thousands of dollars for

And it’s updated in REAL-TIME. Once you’re a student, you’ll be notified anytime best practices change.

This course makes it easy to do even the most complex parts of social media marketing.

You’ll walk away the skills, templates, and resources to do social media marketing - with total confidence.


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Here is what people are saying:

“The course has served as an invaluable learning experience that I have already applied in the real world of social media marketing and campaign management. The lessons have been far more enlightening and educational than I ever thought possible. We have covered absolutely every major detail that should not be overlooked, when strategizing and implementing successful social media marketing campaigns. Thank you Melissa for the great learning experience!"

- Caili, Owner/Operator

Melissa's course opened my eyes to organic ways to grow a business without using paid ads - a real game changer!! From the course, I had a clear set of action items and the templates I needed to plan, measure, and execute a new social media strategy. I give her course 5-stars and my highest recommendation!"

- Jaclyn, Personal Trainer & Marketer

I have been using Melissa’s videos and course material to guide our business and train our staff. Her course material has improved everything from our planning to our delivery with real measurable results. While Melissa is hundreds of miles away, we consider her an indispensable part of our team."

- Jude, Marketing Agency Owner

“I have never met a person more in tune with social media marketing than Melissa Barker. It’s not just her job, but her passion. Melissa is knowledgeable in all facets of B2B and B2C social media marketing. An effective leader, teacher and coach, she has helped my organization grow its online marketing presence, maximizing our brand awareness."

- Gregory, Managing Partner

“Melissa proved to be a great strategic partner for creating a foundation for social media efforts. She conducted a thorough audit of our channels and identified key areas of opportunity, and delivered a competitive audit as well. She also equipped us with a crisis communications plan. In the rare instances I came up with a question or situation for which she didn’t have an immediate answer, she researched it and figured out a solution. She’s enthusiastic, energetic and positive. I highly recommend her."

- Suzame, Senior Director of Brand & Corporate Communications

“Melissa’s social media expertise is second-to-none. She is THE social media guru - she wrote the book on the subject (literally). Not only is she knowledgeable with great ideas to enhance your business with online tactics, Melissa is also a wonderful instructor. She is captivating public speaker and brings the most boring content to life. Melissa is great."

- Sarah, Marketer

“Melissa is a great teacher and coach. She teaches with an easy to follow format and is SO knowledgeable about social media marketing."

- Marcus, Freelance Marketer